【 How to Register 】

You can register here.

>> Convention Registration Form <<
>> Accommodation Registration Form <<
Please register the accommodation after completing the convention registration.

【 Registration Unit 】

You can register individually or by the family or club unit. If you register as a group, please identify an application representative. We will contact the representative only as to all the announcements and payment information. The representative is kindly asked to take care of payment and relaying the information to hisher group members.

【 How to pay 】

You can pay by bank transfer or by credit card (VISA). After you have registered, you or the group representative will receive a notification from the travel agent. Please follow the instructions of the notification about how to pay and check the account number for the money transfer

【 Registration Fee 】


36,000 JPY


(Elementary School and below)

15,000 JPY

The Registration Fee includes two dinners and the Excursion Fee (with lunch).
The accommodation fee is not included.

The Cancelation Fee is as following;
the refund will be taken care of immediately after the convention.

--After July 1st: 70% of the registration fee
--After July 15th: 100% of the registration fee (No refund)

【 Excursion 】

On the 2nd day of the Convention, there will be excursions (bus tours to the devastated areas in the Great East Japan Earthquake with lunch). You can choose a tour, but please understand that it may not turn out as you hoped. We kindly ask for your understanding. If you don't wish to go on any tour,please put a cross (x) in the checkbox of Choice No 1. The tour expenses is included in the registration fee. See the attached table for more details.

【 The Formal Dinners 】

The formal dinners on the 1st and 2nd days are included in the registration fee. If you won't attend these functions, please put a cross (x) in the checkbox from a viewpoint of not wasting food.

【 The golf competition and the Eve party 】

There will be a charity golf competition and a pre-convention night party. If you wish to take part in either of them, please mark it in the registration form. You need to pay an extra charge for each event. Please refer to the attached table for more details.

【 Booking for the hotel 】

Based on the agreement with the subcontracted travel agency, we will welcome the request of the reservations for the recommended hotels nearby the convention site during the period from before, during and after the convention with the special discounted rates.

Those who wish to make request, with checking the attached Hotel List (Price List), please fill in the application form by each requesting date with application number ("1" for example).

>>Hotels list<<


1) The fees on the Price List are all including tax, service charge and breakfast per person.
2) Please be noted that rooms of each hotel will be allocated based on the request received by first come first served basis.
3) As soon as reservation is confirmed, we will inform it with the fee. As for the payment, after the room of the hotel has been fixed, an invoice will be sent by email or fax.
4) The cancellation charges are as follows. We will process refunding if necessary,after the end of the Convention without delay.

No charge if informed by 8 days counted from the one day before the reserved date.
20% of the hotel fee if informed between 7 to 2 days before the reserved date.
40% of the hotel fee if informed one day before the reserved date.
50% of the hotel fee if informed on the reserved day.
100% if cancellation be informed after your trip commenced, or no contact for cancellation of the reserved hotel stay.
5) In case the reservation is for a group of 15 persons or more, we will send you the conditions of cancellation at the time of reservation.

【 Other Important Points 】

E-Mail Address
Please make sure to fill in addresses of those who can receive e-mails including proxy. After the registration, all the necessary information will be sent by e-mail.

Name to be Printed in the Name Tag
Please fill in your name in the alphabet ( First Name, Family name ) to be printed in the Official Convention Name Tag. Official Position: Please fill in your official position in Y'sdom (as of July 2019).