2019 Asia Pacific Area
Youth Convocation (AYC)
The Asia Pacific Area Youth Convocation is a conference for the youths of the Asia Pacific Area from 18 to 39 years of age to gather and discuss how to create a peaceful future world by actively participating in the workshops as well as introducing the current situation and culture of each country.

【 Dates and Programs of AYC 】

Dates: 17th (Wed) ~ 21st (Sun) of July 2019

>> Main venue: KIBOTCHA <<

-Address: 80 Aza Kameoka, Nobiru, Higashimatsushima City,
TEL: 81-225-25-7319
時間 17th July (Wed) 18th July (Thu)) 19th July (Fri) 20th July (Sat) 21st July (Sun)
7:00 Get up Get up Get up Get up
8:00 Breakfast
Check out
9:00 Workshop Workshop Bus tour to the devastated areas Move to
the International Center
10:00 Report at the AC
11:00 Gather at Sendai Station or
Sendai Airport
Making an action plan Presentation of the completion certificates
12:00 Lunch Lunch AC Closing ceremony
13:00 Registration Workshop Announcements
14:00 Opening Ceremony Presentation of the action plans
15:00 Election of the AYR
16:00 Cultural performance Preparation KIBOTCHA
17:00 Cultural performance Workshop
(special session for disaster prevention education)
Change of clothes
18:00 Move to
the International Center
19:00 Supper Supper Supper AP Night
20:00 Counting votes of the AYR election
21:00 Bath time Bath time Return to KIBOTCHA
22:00 Bath time
23:00 Bedtime Bedtime Bedtime Bedtime

【 Number of Enrollment and Eligibility 】

Number of participants: 40

Eligibility: As of 16th July 2019, the participants must be 18 to 39 years old.

【 Registration Fee 】

Registration fee : 25,000 JPY

(It is the actual payment amount after subsidizing the participation fee of 10,000 JPY for each person from the Asia Pacific Area.) Registration fee includes AYC kit (documents and memorabilia package), meals, accommodation, sightseeing etc.

The cancellation fee for registration fee is as follows:
・June 4 to July 3, 2019 50% of the registration fee
・July 4 to July 14, 2019 70% of the registration fee
・After July 15, 2019 100% of the registration fee (no refund)
・Refund will be made without delay after AYC.

【 How to Register 】

Registration Period: February 1 (Fri.) to May 31 (Fri), 2019

Each region is responsible for compiling the registration process for all the participants from the region. Please send the Registration Form to contracted travel agent, WORLD TRAVEL, by fax or by email at the following:

[ World Travel ]

Address: 4-3-1 Oroshi-cho, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, 984-0015 Japan
TEL:81-22-232-8051 FAX:81-22-232-8085


【 Meeting Place 】

To the venue on the first day (July 17th),
we will take a train from the following locations to the nearest station,
Nobiru station on the Sengoku Line / Sengoku Tohoku Line.
Please select the meeting place of your choice.

1 Sendai International Airport

2 JR (Japan Railroad) Sendai Station

・For those coming by airplane, the information such as arrival flight number and
arrival time are required at the time of application.
・If you come directly to KIBOTCHA (venue), please state that.

【 The Place to Break Up: 】

After the convocation is over on Sunday, July 21, 2019,
all the events will close at the Sendai International Center.

【 Languages to Be Used at the Convocation 】

All the programs are conducted in English.
No interpreter in any other language is provided.

【 How to Pay 】

After confirming your registration through your region,
a notification will be sent to your region from the contracted travel agent.
You, therefore, are requested to make registration fee payment at your own region.
Please follow the instructions of the notification about
how to pay and check the account number for the money transfer

【 Other Remarks 】

・On the 4th day of the convocation, you are requested to move to a hotel in Sendai
where the AP Night takes place - semi-formal dress code is observed.
・You are also requested to advise us in advance if you need any medical treatment.
・You are also requested to buy insurance in advance to cover any expenses from an accident
and disease you may encounter.
・We recommend you give your family (relatives) the contact details of the places you will stay
during the convocation.

【 Inquiries 】

Address any inquiry you may have about the AYC, Program, etc.
to the 28th Asia Pacific Regional Convention Host Committee/Youth Convention Committee at

Mail: sendaiayc2019@gmail.com